I.T.P. Software Ltd.

I.T.P. was founded: to successfully implement the pedagogical objectives for future generations.

I.T.P. has great experience in the field of Modern Education. We dedicate ourselves to the development and export of educational technology projects and of hi-tech products to the educational markets in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. We offer
integral solutions, adapted to the requirements of the client, covering levels from Kindergarten to University.

The solutions offered include all the elements needed to successfully implant educational projects, starting with the planning of each project and ending with its complete implantation. I.T.P. takes care of the provision of products and equipment, their installation, the qualification of the personnel, the provision of technical and pedagogical support and the evaluation and analysis of the results of the
implantation of the project. In order to do so, I.T.P. has an efficient and expert professional staff that knows very closely the Latin American systems of education and is able to face the demands of the increasing market of technology.

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