ITP Trademix Ltd.

    I.T.P.Trademix Ltd. Specializes in export security and defense equipment
    to East Europe.
    The company provides solutions for military, police and public safety
    organizations based on vast experience in the fields of security and

    The equipment includes: surveillance, intelligence and counter
    measures. Rescue products such as special break in equipment;
    rescue ladders; explosive detection measures; personal military
    equipment; including bullet proof vests for various threat levels; special
    defense vehicles and riot control vehicles; night vision equipment that
    focus on very specific requirements;

    Micro and mini UAV ammunitions and weapons. The company, through
    one of the group companies, has its own export channels through one of
    the leading factories in Hungary: NIKE-Fiocchi which is a partnership
    with the leading ammunition company Fiocchi Munizioni SRL.